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Contacting the netfilter project

You didn't find a satisfying answer to your question with the information available from this web site? You want to get more assistance or further information on netfilter, it's usage, design or development?


Normally, almost all communication within the project happens on mailinglists. We strongly encourage you to send all questions/comments/suggestions on the use or development of netfilter to the apropriate mailinglist.

The netfilter bug tracking system

If you think you've found a bug, it is important to report this bug to the netfilter project. We rely on bug reports of our users in order to improve the quality.

Feature and enhancement requests can also be put into the bug tracking system. This way it is assured that they are not lost.

When to use the bug tracking system?

  • If you think you've found a bug
  • If you have a particular feature request

The netfilter bug tracking system

#netfilter IRC chat

There is a #netfilter IRC channel on Libera chat where you can hang out with Netfilter users and developers.

The netfilter core team

The netfilter core team is the group of people who actively maintains the netfilter framework. Please note, that this group is very small, and with an estimated number of millions of linux installations, we cannot help individual users with their firewall configuration. Regard this contact address as a last resort, if all other options have failed.

When to contact the core team?

  • If you found an important security-relevant bug and want to inform the vendor before releasing any information about it.
  • If you need professional support, development or consulting related to netfilter and iptables.
  • In case you have any question regarding licensing terms and compliance.
  • Again, the coreteam will _NOT_ respond to any simple usage/configuration questions. Such kind of questions will be ignored. PLEASE refer to the user mailinglist

You can contact the coreteam via (GPG key)

The netfilter webmaster

The netfilter webmaster is a team of volunteers who offers to maintain the netfilter homepage's content. Please report any website-related comments like broken links, typos, suggestions to

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